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Catching Your Breath

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Catching Your Breath pmh; 2001
Yes, Virginia, life is a circus, and the ladder is right here…!


Seems I’m always sitting on the edge of my seat watching you.
Fearlessly you fly through space; there’s no net here below.
Are you really more at home up there, far beyond the madding crowd,
Leaving the mundane behind in your dust, catching our breath?

Here I am. I’m not you.
Wish I were.
I’d fly too.

There is something just outside the tent, watching there day and night.
I can see its glistening teeth, dancing there, taunting me.
It applauds my every failed attempt, laughing loud, mocking me.
If I ever leave my seat, it might just eat me .. alive!

Here I am. I’m not you.
Wish I were.
I’d fly too.

Someday I will stand at centre stage, nothing on but my skin.
I will weave a web so strong, stretch it across the ring.
Then I’ll mount the dangling ladder and climb up to my trapeze.
While I sail and somersault you’ll never blink, catching your breath.

Here I am. I’m not you.
In my dreams
I fly too.