1. Mandala

From the recording Secret Poems

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Mandala (2014)
I flew in a tiny prop job from Salt Lake City to Elko NV to meet Tony at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering 2014. Skimming along, above, yet so close to the land, these words reflect my journey.


(Secret Poem #2)
To a traveler the lovely land
stretches out like a giant’s rumpled blanket,
every colour of green and blue
underneath the endless sheltering sky.

From the clouds it’s crazy quilt,
countless patterns of random velvet patches
stitched by river and road and fence
underneath the endless sheltering sky.

Here is your kaleidoscope:
coloured bits of years and days,
shards of dreams and songs and sighs.
Turn the wheel and behold the changes.

Welcome back to the sandbox world.
Take a breath and prepare your gear for landing.
From this moment the magic starts
as you walk beneath the sheltering sky.